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Kosovo Lace

CAMA Services (Compassion And Mercy Associates)

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Following the war in Kosovo (early 2000), CAMA Services began to reach out to those in need, mostly Muslim widows in extreme poverty.


CAMA purchases handcrafted lace from these women to create an income opportunity for them. They also provide physical and occupational therapy, teach English classes, and conduct Bible studies; recently they purchased a center for these activities. CAMA service worker Diana Ulrich was our first contact; now Ron and Lisa Ramsey oversee this ministry.


Today, 280 women are involved in the Kosovo Lace Project.

Our Role: 

In 2004 the Helena C&MA of Helena, Montana became the stateside representative to distribute the lace throughout churches in the US. Since then, nearly $175,000 has been raised for CAMA. Pastor Jim Stumbo coordinates the distribution ministry.


All income goes directly to CAMA Services and is used for payment to the Kosovo women, related expenses, and outreaches to the women involved.


An important aspect of the distribution is that the name of the lady who made the lace is on a sticker, allowing the purchaser to continue praying for this lady by name.


We call churches to ask if they would be willing to display the lace and give opportunity to their congregation to purchase them. The church may have the lace for 2 months, then, return the unsold product for us to recycle to another church.

No Risk: 

There is no cost for the display, the sales go directly to CAMA, and the unsold product is returned.


  • The price of the lace ranges from $5-$50 (most between $10-$15).
  • The church can have the lace for 2 months and fit into their schedule.
  • The display will have about 50 lace products.
  • The best plan is to simply display on a table in the foyer. They sell themselves.
  • This is a great opportunity to acquaint people with Alliance Missions. CAMA projects are very appealing to donors who like the hands on help for individuals approach.


Pastor Jim Stumbo can be reached at 406-442-1301 or by email at helenacma@hotmail.com. The CAMA website has more information: www.camaservices.org.