Helena Alliance Church Sanctuary

Helena Alliance Church

We want everyone in the world to know Jesus Christ and be changed by his love and power. This passion drives much of our church activity, Pastor Jim Stumbo's daily schedule, and our budget. Many years over 30% of our income goes to our mission projects. We try to focus on both local and cross cultural opportunities as well as to balance C&MA opportunities with other good, Christian organizations.

Locally, we support through volunteers and contributions the ministries of God's Love, Good Samaritan, Salvation Army, Food Bank, and other groups that reach out to the community. We have started a Baby Bin to distribute free diapers to low income families. Some of our gals are involved with the Pregnancy Resource Center.

Internationally, we have 2 partnerships with Kosovo and Mexico.

        In Kosovo, we are the sponsoring church representative of the CAMA Lace Doilie Project. (CAMA is the international relief agency of the C&MA.) We have an outreach to about 300 women (mostly Muslim widows) by employing them to make their traditional lace handcraft. These are shipped to us monthly and we sell them in Alliance Churches in the US. Annually this is in the neighborhood of about $40,000, which is about $1.2 million in value since a Kosovo professional may work for $7.50 per day. We are beginning to work this same plan of distribution and sales with our Laotian Churches and their silk scarves.

        In Mexico we work with the C&MA Missions Director, Tomas Bencomo, in his outreach to the Indian Tribes of the Sierra Madres in the state of Chihuahua. Our focus is to establish a network of farms in conjunction with the local Alliance Churches to give them resources to provide for their pastors and do missionary outreach. To date we have 2 farms: 1 of about 40-acres where the Tarahumara Indians come to work with the 100 animals and large vegetable gardens; the other farm of about 50 acres is a cash crop of oats. We are considering a partnership with a group of pastors in the Philippines.

        Annually we sponsor for our community the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church and we organize the National Day of Prayer on the capitol steps. We do short term mission trips and mission projects.

        Presently, we are purchasing Moringa Trees to plant in 3rd world countries because of their high nutritional value.